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How To Grow A Grown Up

How To Grow A Grown Up

Join award winning GP and author Dr Dominique Thompson for an enlightening and entertaining talk with Q&A about raising teenagers to thrive in the modern world.

The talk is aimed primarily at parents of all secondary school age children, as part of a national tour coinciding with the launch of Dominique's new book How to Grow a Grown Up (PenguinRandomHouse), co-authored with education expert Fabienne Vailes, but it will also be of interest to teachers, and those who work with young adults everywhere.

Dominique has been interviewed about the book on Sky TV and in The Times.

Parenting in the 21st century means navigating a very different world to the one in which we grew up. Our children are under 24/7 pressure to be ‘always on’ and their ‘best self’ and they are often less prepared for a challenging world.

Feedback from a 16 year old audience member.

“It’s so good that someone knows what world I have to live in. She speaks sense Mum.”

Dr Dominique Thompson is the UK’s leading GP on student mental health and she will reveal why young people may be struggling more, and what we can all do to help our children develop the life skills they need to thrive in this new and changing world.

Whether you are supporting a young person struggling with academic pressure, school or university life, or you are curious about what lies ahead for your younger child, How to Grow a Grown Up will help you to build your child's confidence and resilience - so they can become a strong, happy and independent adult.

Praise for Dominique's previous talks:

“The talk was great. For me as a parent it is good to know what kind of behaviour I can see in my children, why it is happening with us and what to do or not to do in some cases. It was explained why young people have mental health problems. The talk was very useful. Many thanks!”

“Dom was brilliant and such an informative talk - interesting and helpful material covered”

“Excellent , Dominique Thompson always manages to give me something else to think about- she is a really engaging speaker”

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