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Fin Taylor

Fin Taylor

Fin Taylor (Have I Got News for You) makes a triumphant return to the stage with a much anticipated follow up to hit Edinburgh shows When Harrassy Met Sally and Whitey McWhiteface.

Fin’s wedding was a few months before the pandemic. Seeing as he’s now been married for 300 years, he’s getting out the house and hitting the road.

After the year we’ve had, he just wants to make the whole crowd laugh. But is that even possible anymore? With half the country complaining how comedy’s too PC and the other half whining that it’s not PC enough, how do we get everyone on board?

Fin’s going back to the old ways.

He’s going to put on a suit, and tell jokes about his wife.

As seen on Live At The Apollo, 8 out of 10 Cats, The Mash Report and Roast Battle, Fin has also written for The Roast of Alec Baldwin on Comedy Central US.

“An invigoratingly good comic…a live thrill to watch” ★★★★ i

“Gleefully provocative and packed with big hard laughs” ★★★★ The Guardian

“The most discussed and critically praised comedian of recent Edinburgh Fringes” ★★★★★ The Scotsman

Start Time: 8pm

Age: 15+

Tickets: £12, plus £1 booking fee

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Saturday 23 Oct 202120:00 Book Now

Rutherford & Fry LIVE

Rutherford & Fry LIVE

RUTHERFORD & FRY - The Complete Guide To Everything (*Abridged) - Live!

We all rely on our gut feelings.  But intuition is a terrible guide.  If we believed what our minds tell us, we’d all think the world is flat (it’s not even round), the sun orbits the Earth (nope), and that a day is made of twenty-four hours (close but also no).

Now, in their first ever live show, Drs Hannah Fry and Adam Rutherford will show you that reality is not what it seems, common sense is neither common nor sensible, and our minds have evolved to lie to us all the time. They will take you on thrilling journey through time and space, from the beginnings of life on Earth to wondrous aliens elsewhere in the galaxies, from the darkest depths of infinity - via a hypnotised snail - to the brightest recesses of our minds.

Live on stage for the first time, Rutherford and Fry are your inimitable guides to the complete guide to absolutely everything*

*Abridged, and heavily edited, especially the boring bits.

Tickets: £27

Ticket + Book: £43 (see details below)

(under 14s to be accompanied by an adult)

Ticket + Book = SIGNED Copy Of Rutherford & Fry's 'Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything (*Abridged)'. Books will be posted out to customers week of 7th October, official publication date. Your order address will be used for your delivery address (must be UK address).

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Friday 5 Nov 202119:30 Book Now (Sold Out)

Alice Roberts: Ancestors

Alice Roberts: Ancestors

What can a grave tell us about a person? Did the Neanderthals bury their dead? Why was a man from the Alps buried in Wiltshire, four thousand years ago? How is genetics revolutionising what we know about the deep past? And what does all this mean for us, today?

These are just some of the questions Alice will be exploring as she takes us on a tour of her pick of the most fascinating burials in Britain, with behind-the-scenes insights from digs and filming - and a chance to buy a signed copy of her new book, Ancestors.

‘This is a terrific, timely and transporting book - taking us heart, body and mind beyond history, to the fascinating truth of the prehistoric past and the present’ Bettany Hughes

‘While the rest of us read words, Alice reads bones - and what stories they have to tell. In her hands they seem slick with life, bearing messages from ancient worlds. I was captivated.' Neil Oliver

Tickets: £27

Ticket + Book (Signed Copy of Ancestors): £42

Ticket & Book offer includes a signed copy of ANCESTORS. Book to be collected on night of perfomance. Ticket holders must present valid event ticket or proof of purchase in exchange for book copy.

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Saturday 13 Nov 202120:00 Book Now (Sold Out)

BGS Christmas Carol

BGS Christmas Carol

A Bristol Grammar School Student Production of Christmas Carol.

On a bleak, cold Christmas Eve in London, Ebeneezer Scrooge remains the same cantankerous old man; working his trusty and loyal employee; Bob Cratchett late into the evening. Ignoring the Christmas festivities and cheer surrounding him, Scrooge retires to his home, alone and unprepared for the night that follows.

As midnight strikes, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley, revealing Scrooge’s fate if he continues along the same selfish and greedy path. Followed by visits from the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come; Scrooge is taken on a journey through time to teach him the error of his ways. When he wakes up the next morning, he is overwhelmed with joy by the chance to redeem himself and grateful that he has been returned to Christmas Day. Scrooge rushes out onto the street to share his newfound Christmas spirit and from that day forward he is true to his word, full of compassion and generosity.

Come and spread some Christmas cheer alongside the Bristol Grammar School Dance Department as we retell this Christmas classic. Full of joyful carols, spellbinding choreography and captivating visuals, A Christmas Carol is set to get you all in the festive spirit ready for the Christmas Holidays!

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Wednesday 24 Nov 202119:30 Book Now
Thursday 25 Nov 202119:30 Book Now
Friday 26 Nov 202119:30 Book Now (Sold Out)

The Shroud Maker

The Shroud Maker

What’s the best business one can establish in Gaza? Hajja Souad, an 84 year old woman living in El Shujaia Neighbourhood, had the right idea.

She has survived decades of wars, deportation and oppression through making selling shrouds for the dead, profiting from the continuous Israeli attacks.

A compelling black comedy, The Shroud Maker delves deep into the intimate life of ordinary Palestinians to weave a highly distinctive path through Palestine’s turbulent past and present. Loosely based on a real life character still living in Gaza, this one-woman comedy weaves comic fantasy and satire with true stories told first hand to the writer, and offers a vivid portrait of  Palestinian life in Gaza underscored with gallows humour.

Hajja Souad's past came to haunt her unexpectedly after she thought she had moved away and put the pain of all her years behind. She is then forced to make a big decision. But before she does so, she takes us on a journey, telling a harrowing story of courage, love, escape and disappointment.

As young girl, Hajja Souad left her village of Aqqur near Jerusalem and moved to live at the mansion of the newly appointed British High Commissioner in Palestine, Sir. Alan Cunningham. In the early 1940s, she grew up as the adopted daughter of Mrs. Cunningham who teaches her the British way of life. When the British forces withdrew and the Union Jack was drawn down the port of Haifa, the Cunninghams left back to London, leaving Hajja Souad left alone to her fate in the big mansion.

The Shroud Maker is a new dark satire by Ahmed Masoud, which tells the story of survival. This one woman comedy delves deep into the intimate life of ordinary Palestinians and takes the audience through the history of Palestine through a very personal story. About the Author:

Ahmed Masoud is a writer, director and academic based in the UK and author of Vanished: The Mysterious Disappearance of Mustafa Ouda. His plays include Camouflage (London, May 2017), Walaa/Loyalty (London, June & November 2014), Unto the Breach (London, November 2012 & Vienna, November 2013) and Go to Gaza, Drink the Sea (London, 2009 & Edinburgh Fringe, August 2009). His radio piece Escape from Gaza was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2011.

£15 Solidarity Ticket (supports a free place for a BTEC student to see the 2.30pm matinee performance)

£10 Standard Ticket

£5 Concession Ticket

plus £1 booking fee per ticket

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Saturday 4 Dec 202114:30 Book Now
Saturday 4 Dec 202119:30 Book Now

Tommy Tiernan: Tomfoolery

Tommy Tiernan: Tomfoolery

Renowned for his no holds barred approach to the art of stand-up, this promises to be a delightful trip through the mouth and mind of one the world's most respected comic performers.

Age has not dulled him, in fact he seems more full of fire and mischief now than he ever was. He wonders aloud about God, sex and family in a way that seems equally sacred and profane at the same time. His stories and ideas are as full of drama as they are of wit and fun and his legendary record-breaking ticket sales extend across the world.

Tommy is the star of Channel 4’s hit show Derry Girls and Live at the Apollo (BBC), and the host of his own highly critically praised improvised chat show on Ireland’s RTE 1.

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Friday 8 Apr 202220:00 Book Now

Josh Berry & Rafe Hubris

Josh Berry & Rafe Hubris

Josh Berry is a stand-up comedian, producer, writer and satirist best known for his online comedy content which has hundreds of millions of views.


Josh Berry will mock people who went to slightly more prestigious private schools than him and whinge about his career for the best part of forty minutes. Josh will also probably do some impressions in this time even though he pretends to be artistically above all that stuff now.

“Josh Berry? Fair play man, fair play” James Acaster.

“Highly amusing” Gyles Brandreth.

“Absolutely superb” Jon Culshaw.

“Truly excellent work” Omid Djalili.

“A remarkable new talent” Rob Brydon.


Rafe Hubris (BA, OXON) is, by his own admission, ‘the most promising 25 year old special advisor (SPAD) to the Conservative party and definitely the most classic’.

Watch this supremely confident Eton and Oxford alumnus tell the story of the pandemic which he helped the government organise ‘vary vary wall’.

The show will be divided between Rafe’s ‘absolutely classic’ anecdotes about his time in government and his answers to your submitted questions.

Rafe has also promised to secure all those who buy a ticket with a tasty PPE contract (PPE is incidentally what Rafe studied at Oxford University when he was a student there getting a degree from Oxford).

“Enjoyable” Dominic Maxwell, The Times.

“Brilliant” Owen Jones

Start Time: 8pm

Age: 15+

Tickets: £14, plus £1 booking fee

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Saturday 9 Apr 202220:00 Book Now

Larry Dean: Fudnut

Larry Dean: Fudnut

Double Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominee and star of Live At The Apollo returns with a brand new hour of "confessional storytelling at its funniest" (Herald ★★★★★).

As seen on Michael McIntyre's Big Show, Mock the Week and Roast Battle.

"Destined to become a household name" Telegraph ★★★★

Nominee - Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show 2018

Winner - Amused Moose Comedy Award for Best Show 2016

Nominee - Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer 2015

Start Time: 8pm

Age: 16+

Tickets: Full Price £15, Concessions £13, plus £1 booking fee.

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Wednesday 25 May 202220:00 Book Now