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The Shroud Maker

The Shroud Maker

What’s the best business one can establish in Gaza? Hajja Souad, an 84 year old woman living in El Shujaia Neighbourhood, had the right idea.

She has survived decades of wars, deportation and oppression through making selling shrouds for the dead, profiting from the continuous Israeli attacks.

A compelling black comedy, The Shroud Maker delves deep into the intimate life of ordinary Palestinians to weave a highly distinctive path through Palestine’s turbulent past and present. Loosely based on a real life character still living in Gaza, this one-woman comedy weaves comic fantasy and satire with true stories told first hand to the writer, and offers a vivid portrait of  Palestinian life in Gaza underscored with gallows humour.

Hajja Souad's past came to haunt her unexpectedly after she thought she had moved away and put the pain of all her years behind. She is then forced to make a big decision. But before she does so, she takes us on a journey, telling a harrowing story of courage, love, escape and disappointment.

As young girl, Hajja Souad left her village of Aqqur near Jerusalem and moved to live at the mansion of the newly appointed British High Commissioner in Palestine, Sir. Alan Cunningham. In the early 1940s, she grew up as the adopted daughter of Mrs. Cunningham who teaches her the British way of life. When the British forces withdrew and the Union Jack was drawn down the port of Haifa, the Cunninghams left back to London, leaving Hajja Souad left alone to her fate in the big mansion.

The Shroud Maker is a new dark satire by Ahmed Masoud, which tells the story of survival. This one woman comedy delves deep into the intimate life of ordinary Palestinians and takes the audience through the history of Palestine through a very personal story. About the Author:

Ahmed Masoud is a writer, director and academic based in the UK and author of Vanished: The Mysterious Disappearance of Mustafa Ouda. His plays include Camouflage (London, May 2017), Walaa/Loyalty (London, June & November 2014), Unto the Breach (London, November 2012 & Vienna, November 2013) and Go to Gaza, Drink the Sea (London, 2009 & Edinburgh Fringe, August 2009). His radio piece Escape from Gaza was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2011.

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